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Crystal Token

Evolutionary Multi-Utility Token

crystal token

What is Crystal Token?

Crystal Token is a cryptocurrency token innovating the field of smart trading. Our exclusive Binance Bot, which bases its analysis on trends, capitalization, volume and several indicators, offers a wide range of opportunities for both newbie and expert traders, through multiple trading profiles. Crystal community will also benefit from our exclusive Crystal Reward, as well as from several additional services, including Marketing Campaigns, Games, and much more.

Crystal Token Stats



CYL price

5.0E-5 ETH

24h volume

172.8 ETH

Circulating (platform)

816K CYL

Circulating (blockchain)

4.96M CYL

Locked tokens


Market cap


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Exclusive Features

Crystal Bots
Enjoy our trading bots using your CYL tokens
Crystal AI Trading
Crystal Reward
Hold tight your tokens within our platform and get rewarded
Advertising Campaigns
Advertising Campaigns
Advertise on our Featured Projects page and on Telegram channels
Gaming & Betting
Gaming & Betting
Win CYL tokens playing our exciting games

Crystal Binance & Bitmex Bots

AI driven, fully automated and customizable!
Our bot performs smart trading exploiting volume analysis, trading indicators,and much more.
Platform integrated, safe and easy to use!
Crystal Binance & Bitmex Bots

Crystal Membership

  • Free
  • Try our Binance Bot for free, holding some CYL tokens
  • Basic trading profiles
  • Low daily trading limits
  • Standard fees for traded ETH and for positive trades
  • Silver
  • Start trading with some advanced features
  • Intermediate trading profiles
  • Medium daily trading limits
  • No fees for traded ETH.
    Low fees for positive trades
  • Gold
  • Access to all the advanced features
  • Advanced trading profiles
  • High daily trading limits
  • No fees for traded ETH.
    Lower fees for positive trades
  • Crystal
  • Enjoy the most powerful version of our platform
  • Advanced trading profiles
  • Highest daily trading limits
  • No fees for traded ETH.
    No fees for positive trades
  • Profit insurance & Exclusive Advantages

Crystal Reward

Lock your tokens and get rewarded after 30 days.
Tokens are unlockable anytime!

Get 5% of the rewards received by your referrals!
Crystal Reward


Buy CYL on external exchanges!

Exclusive Quick Buy function: buy CYL directly from your account.
We do the work on exchanges for you!

Crystal Token Roadmap

Conceptual Design & Team Consolidation
June - December 2017
Launch of Games and Advertising Services
July 2018
Trading Bot Initial Tuning
August 2018
External Exchanges & CoinMarketCap
October 2018
Binance Bot public release
November 2018
Launch of Crystal Reward
December 2018
Bitmex Bot Beta test
January 2019
Bitmex Bot public release
March 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Existing platforms are affected by important issues such as:
- Assets are locked for a long period of time;
- Unsustainable business models;
- Vertical management, which results in decisions taken abruptly by the team, without the approval of the community;
- Lack of constant customer rewards, which leads people to move their capitals in search of new projects;
- Limited ability to spend the token, which functionality and usefulness is strongly dependent by the platform.

In order to face all these limitations, Crystal Token proposes innovative, easy to use and customizable trading services, and a reward scheme for its community called Crystal Reward, that takes into account the long-term sustainability of the platform.

Finally, our democratic system involves our community in the decisions taken during the development of the project.
We implemented the 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) feature which we strongly recommend to our users to activate, in order to enforce an additional level of security.

The feature can be activated from the 2FA section of the dashboard. It is required that the user has the Google Authenticator app installed on his smartphone.

Please be aware that you are the only responsible of keeping the secret code safe, which cannot be recovered or reset.
Our team is very glad to assist you with our dedicated technical support system.
Just login into your account and write a message to our support team, which will answer you within 24 hours.

If you encounter any issue during login or registration, or just need some additional informations about the project, you can join our Telegram Community group, where you will be able to participate to the discussions or ask some clarifications to our admins.
Our trading bot is capable to regularly scan and evaluate all the active pairs on the exchange.
During the buy process, the evaluation is carried out according to volume analysis, trading indicators and the specific trading profile chosen by the user.
Once a pair is bought, it is subject to fine grained monitoring, and it sold whether its price reaches its dynamic trailing stop or its stop loss.
Each profile has a description associated in the "My Trading Engine" section of the dashboard.
Trading profiles are ordered by an increasing level of aggressivity.
In particular, Shield and Wind profiles incorporate a capitalization filter that allows to perform buy trades only in an uptrend situation of the market, while Storm and Rocket are more flexible with respect to market conditions, since they only evaluate the outcome of technical analysis for each pair.
For this reason, it is expected that Shield and Wind will perform in average less trades than Storm and Rocket.
The daily and weekly accuracy of each trading profile are dynamically updated on the dashboard.
Yes. The trading profile can be changed at any moment, even if a trading session is currently active.
However, trades that are currently shown in your open positions have already started, and therefore they cannot be modified.
Yes, the bot has been subject to an extensive alpha testing phase made by developers, and a beta testing phase followed by a restricted number of users in the community.
All encountered bugs have been fixed, and all suggestions received have been taken into account for improvements.
Besides the extensive testing, we are still at an early stage to evaluate the performances in terms of profitability.
A trading bot cannot be perfect, and negative trading days are expected.
However, the bot will be subject to a continuous fine tuning and the proposal of new trading profiles emerging from the data analysis carried out by our team.
Whitelist and blacklist allow to define a custom set of cryptocurrencies to be traded, giving value to the intuition and preference of each member.
The Whitelist allows you to specify the list of allowed cryptocurrency pairs.
If the whitelist is active, the bot will discard for you, during the buy process, all pairs that are not included in such a list.
On the other hand, the blacklist allows you to choose a set of cryptocurrencies to discard from trading.
If the blacklist is active, the bot will discard for you, during the buy process, all pairs included in such list.
Yes, currently, the maximum is set to 0.5 ETH for the free membership and 2 ETH for paid memberships.
This allows a fair distribution of trades to a reasonable number of members, increasing the likelihood of profitability of each trade, and the diversity of the trades performed in the portfolio of each member.
Yes, trades closed in profit are subject to a small fee. Fees are payable directly in ETH or in CYL.
The amount of fees is defined by the specific membership level.
If the member chooses to pay fees in CYL and during the trading session the CYL balance becomes zero, they will be directly deducted from the profit (in ETH).
The budget is the overall amount in ETH associated to the trading session, whereas the budget per trade is the budget allocated for each single trade.
The budget per trade is calculated as the ratio between the overall budget and the number of trades chosen.
For example, if an user runs the trading engine with 10 trades and a budget of 1 ETH, the average budget per trade will be 0.1 ETH.
In case the bot is not able to allocate all the budget per trade expected, the remaining amount will be added to the remaining budget for the next trades.
If there are no more trades left in the opened session, the budget will be refunded.
A basic level of free memberships allows to get started with the bot and understand its features.
Membership levels have increasing benefits: fee discounts (until complete removal), higher daily limits, free slot spins, profit insurance, merchandising products and early access to new features.
A common advantage of all membership levels is the enhancement of CYL as utility token and its long-term growth.
For this reason, all tokens collected by membership subscriptions are subject to be burned monthly.
Membership prices are subject to updates according to market conditions.
Yes, memberships can be upgraded in real-time using the Upgrade button of the desired level.
The charged amount in CYL is calculated dynamically, according to the remaining number of days in the current membership period, and the newly chosen membership level.
Please note that subscriptions are not refundable nor downgradable, and that the duration of the membership cannot be changed (e.g. switching from a weekly to monthly plan or vice-versa).
Crystal Reward provides participating members with a reward in CYL tokens.

To participate to the Crystal Reward, you need to lock at least 100 CYL Tokens for 30 days to receive a reward on the basis of the locked amount.

CYL tokens locked for Crystal Reward can be unlocked anytime, with no penalities, besides the loss of the reward.

The percentage of the reward will be re-evaluated each month, and could change. This changes will affect only the new contracts that you will open. The old contracts will not be updated.
Yes, our single-tier referral program allows to be rewarded in CYL tokens.

Specifically, you will get 5% of the rewards received by people presented by you who participate to Crystal Reward.
Please note that referral commissions are granted only to users holding at least 100 CYL tokens.

You can promote Crystal Token through your referral link, that can be found in your dashboard or in your referred user page.

Reviews and Press releases

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